Ed Goldfarb
Ed Goldfarb


5 kauailife

Ed is a star! He has the knowledge and the team to get the house sold and to get the job done. Highly recommended!

5 kb0413

I would highly recommend Ed Goldfard for any real estate transaction. He is extremely experienced and takes control of the entire process. He does what it takes to bring in the buyers and close the sale.

5 Arthur1951

Delivered what was promised. A gentleman and scholar. Very efficient and knowledgable in his field . Honest and dedicated , very positive and successful in his goals. I will recommend him always. He is the BEST.

Thank You, Arthur Ramlal.

5 whistable

From start to finish, he was the best realtor I have worked with. He knows more about short sales and the HAFA program anyone I talked too. If you want someone great, hiring ED!

5 lgangadeen

Ed sold successfully my home in Hollywood, FL back in 2006. He guided me with his expertise and wisdom, and I trusted him. I highly recommend Ed. Do not get caught up in the process and the details; the bottom line is he sold my house with my cash back goals met. A+

5 fsudreyer

Delivered exactly what was promised. Very knowledgeable about the short sale process

5 goakley26

What an incredible Realtor you are ED!

I have to admit at first, I didn’t think that my house could be sold. We had so much restrictions, city guideline, deeds loans clause, I mean you name it, it was on our house. We were a bit hopeless, however with g-d anything is possible! He brought Ed Goldfarb our way. After a few months Ed found us a buyer, but the buyer walked away due to complication and issues. He found yet another and another however like I said this was a very complicated deal we came close, but things fell through At one point I asked Ed would you like to give up now? his reply was: “I like a challenge!” To keep a long story short. After almost 2 years on May 22, 2011, I signed off on a contract and yes my house was sold. I am still in awe of how he did it. I am so amazed, impressed, grateful of Ed Goldfarb’s help!

Thanks again Ed, you are truly excellent at what you do!

5 user757210

Ed helped me sell my house through tough times in 2008 and when I was ready to foreclose. He gave me guidance and options and proved to me I could come out of that situation and two years later have a solid credit score. I will always be thankful. Now in 2017, he helped me get my new home in 2017 within my budget and my family’s space requirements. One more reason to keep him close!!

5 user743100

Ed is a true dedicated professional. I have had the pleasure of doing business with Ed as I needed his help in selling a condo by short sale. He took the anxiety and pressure from us and within a few short months the sale was completed. Either buying or selling he is the realtor to contact

5 user525068

Ed does not make promises to gain your contract. He is very truthful and up front. He keeps you abreast of how the sale of your home is progressing, and he is 100% dependable. He sold my home and I will work with him again gladly when I am ready to buy a new home.

5 user607784

I had our house on the market for 3 years with several different Realtors & Agencies. After signing up with Ed, our house was sold in 3 1/2 weeks. It was a pleasure dealing with him & he was always very responsive.

5 user036630

This is a long overdue review. My house was less than one week from from being sold at a foreclosure auction. The week before I happened to run into a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in about 10 years who, as it turned out, worked with Ed. I had received lots of bad advice in regards to how to handle the situation with my home and had decided to give up and just let it go into foreclosure. My friend Jack insisted that I speak with Ed and told me that he would get my house sold for me. I had already given up and was ready to walk away but after much persistence by Jack I agreed to speak with Ed. It was on a Sunday and after about 30-40 min of discussion with Ed my house was listed. We had a contract on the house in 3 days and got the house pulled from the foreclosure auction. The initial contract for sale fell through but Ed never gave up even though I was ready to again. He is the hardest working and most knowledgeable real estate agent I have ever worked with. After a few more months and lots of persistence on the part of Ed the house was sold as a short sale and the balance of the debt owed was cancelled by the bank also due to Ed’s hard work. He is the agent to contact whether buying or selling your home. I will be forever grateful for all he has done.

5 user379589

Hi All,

I am writing this not only to recommend the Ed Goldfarb’s team but to let everyone know how Ed Goldfarb and his team were able to impact my life by allowing me to avoid foreclosure on my property. This process took over two years but I am happy to say ED and his team stuck with us , I was able to short sale my property and avoid foreclosure. After 6 months most people would have given up but Ed and his team continued to work diligently and we finally got both of my banks two release me from my loans through the short sale process. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts and hard work on my case. I would ask if you are reading this that you would consider him and his organization when attempting a short sale, foreclosure, or any type of realtor needs.

Thanks Again

5 user886656

Ed Goldfarb was an amazing voice to have on my side in the successful sale of my home in Miami Beach, his mediation skills and his people friendly networking sensibilities were crucial to the transaction. I highly recommend him.

5 user810698

If you want your property sold, Ed is your guy!! His track record speaks for itself. There is no other realtor in the South Florida area that even comes close to the expertise and talent he has for moving properties!! If you’re listing a property or looking to buy, you need to call Ed!!

5 diane_carroll

When faced with the possibility of facing a foreclosure, I hired a foreclosure attorney. I paid $1200.00 and was told just to wait until I was served with foreclosure papers..and at that time the attorney would step in. Well, I got nervous as I read more and more about the foreclosure process. I found a wonderful team (Ed Goldfarb) and they said we needed to act now, not wait until there was nothing we could do. Their advice was to short sale quickly because a foreclosure would be a disaster to my finances and credit. Ed Goldfarbs team listed my house and it was under contract within one week ! I’m so glad I did not listen to the attorney with all his bad advice. A big “Thank You” to Ed Goldfarb and his wonderful team for great advice and a great outcome.

5 user4629039

Ed listed my house immediately. He included a very effective virtual tour in his advertising. My house was shown to many potential buyers within a few days of the listing. We received a sales contract within two weeks. Since this was a short sale, the process took longer than usual. Ed guided me through it step by step. His negotiating team was very strong, which enabled me to permanently release my debt from both the first and second mortgage holders. I would definitely recommend Ed to anyone needing realtor services, especially if it is a short sale.

5 fb1964542566

Ed Goldfarb came highly recommended from a trusted friend. I was not disappointed! Ed told me how uncomplicated and efficient it was to do a short sale as compared to other options that were in front of me. If my friend had not explained her ease with it I probably would have thought Ed was telling me what I wanted to hear…but I had knowledge of her experience and therefore trusted the process through him. I am glad to say that my home had a short sale offer within a few days of having the sign in my yard. The home actually came onto contract before it even hit the mls. The entire process took about 1.5 months time and at closing I walked away from all delinquencies and paid a total of $1000.00 to the tiltle company in totality. I highly recommend Ed Goldfarb and his process of a short sale is a good option if you are upside down on your loan.

5 user648334

The challenges of selling a home is very stressful, but my agent Ed Goldfarb did an excellent job of taking away my stress. He is very knowledgeable in real estate and experienced in giving you advise under difficult situations. I would recommend Ed to people who need help in selling their home in a quick professional manner.

5 user180557

Ed help us with a complicated short sale case, even with a stubborn and not responsive bank , Ed dedicated hours and days of work, making contant calls and sending several emails to push our bank to let us complete this sale, he never stopped fighting for us until he help us close the house sale and unril he got our bank approval for the short sale. I highly recommend Ed , he stands after his promise of doing all that is in his hands to help you sell a house

5 user3246686

My Experience with ED and his team was excellent. ED went beyond to make sure my house get sold in timely manner. He made the Short Sale process so much easier and Clear. I think it is very HARD to find a Realtor like ED he will always answer your calls and makes sure that customer needs are the top priority. I DO NOT THINK you can find a better Realtor then ED. He treats your needs like his own. It cannot get better then this. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ED.

5 user02739930

I just want to take moment and thank Ed Goldfarb and his team for the wonderful work they did listing, marketing and negotiating my short sale. Additionally, I was shocked at how fast he produced a cash buyer. I initially was working with a different agent and when they failed to get the short sale approved, Ed Goldfarb, was recommended to me by an attorney. He is very skilled at his job, his team knew what to do and how to do it, and Ed also knew the right people at the bank to get the short sale expedited. Within a couple of months we not only had the short sale approved, but Ed negotiated with my bank for a full waiver of deficiency. I want to thank Ed and his team for helping me get rid myself of a problem that was hanging over my head and helping me get on with my life. Yes, there is a difference between Ed Goldfarb and the other real estate agents I have worked with.

5 wxy1

I respect Ed GOLDFARB’s hard working, quick response, and warm heart. He is an amazing agent that you can trust. There were some hard issues for my house popping up right before the closing date. Thought the deal will go away, but he managed to close it with only couple days delay.

5 harryscotter

Ed and his team helped me short sale a house in Davie, FL. I was amazed that everything went almost exactly described when we had our initial consultation. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to allow Ed and his team represent us through this process. Without hesitation would recommend to anyone, he will not disappoint!!!!

5 jeffrey sivalls

Edward Goldfarb is extremely knowledgeable of the industry, persistent and very detail oriented. I would highly recommend Mr. Goldfarb if you or someone you is considering buying or selling a property.

5 BobbyStage

Truly, I could not have found someone better to help me with my questions. I simply had questions about my recently foreclosed home (I am a renting tenant) and he gladly assisted with my questions and additional follow up information.

I am sending this review as no other foreclosure specialist listed took the time to help me since I am not an attorney.

Will certainly be using his company for my home needs.p

5 tjdaru

Ed sold our house in Cooper City a few years back when the market was troubled and buyers were pretty hesitant. Still, he sold it quickly at what was a good price, and with no complications although my wife and I, by that time, were living overseas.

5 trinidadr80

Ed helped us find a buyer for our home. Even after 3 people walked out on the deal, he stayed put and got us eyeballs on the home week after week. He worked with our lawyer to help us finally complete the sale.

5 rosspatterson95

When I met mr goldfarb he went over the complete process of selling my house so I felt comfortable about the process the photos that were taken showing the house were very professional home was under contract in two weeks very fast a very happy with United realty / Edgoldfarb

5 p emmert

Ed worked very hard to sell my Florida Condo during the slow down for real estate in the country. I live in Indiana and asked Ed to see if he could get my Mom’s piano shipped to me & he went out of his way to handle everything. Very heavy and he persevered and got the job done. When it came time to close, he found someone to take all the furniture & belongings our of the house so I did not have to return for the closing. He went “the extra mile” to help me and yes…I would definitely recommend him as a fine realtor.

5 JeffLaz

If you want to buy, sell or want to do or buy a short sale, Ed is the man to call. He is the expert on all aspects of real estate and he and his crew will take care of you like no other. He is the definition of expertise and customer service.

5 deaty3

Edward was really good at his job. He help me and my husband from the start. I really enjoyed working with Ed. I liked his work so much I told my friend about him and he helped her as well. He really cares about his customers. Deanna and Leamon Tyre

5 erivero24

Ed and his associates did a fantastic job helping me with my short sale. I was going through a divorce at the time, and he made the process easy as pie. He never gave up despite a seller backing out of the deal and other bumps in the road. He is extremely knowledgeable of the process and will not take no for an answer, even from the big, bad mortgage companies. I highly recommend him.

5 tiff915

You will need all the positive words in the world to describe Ed. Ed is more than a realtor, his a family friend. He works with you morning, noon, and night. Ed keeps the communication door open, even after you have sold or purchased your home. There was never a time I couldn’t reach him. I remember when I received a phone call from him while he was out of the country! What more can any one ask for? My husband and I started the short sell process in July of 2014 and it ended on February 25, 2015, Thanks to Ed. The process was painless. Oh and yes I must give props to the secretary Michelle. Its great when you can call the office knowing you will receive vital and accurate information. Thanks a million Ed!!!!! Tiffany and Thomas

5 wendylascow

Knowledgable, experienced Helpful guidance Ed and his wonderful, kind team were there to assist me at any time I truly felt well taken care of through this challenging time. My house sold in less than 2 weeks!

5 k91101

I had two offers on my home that we had for sale by owner. The first contract fell through and I was very excited about the second contract I had. Well, those buyers backed out less than two weeks before the closing. Ed saw my for sale by owner sign and contacted me. I agreed to meet Ed and I listed it with him. In the next few days we had several showings. In less than a week, we had a cash offer for more than the previous appraised value. Working with Ed and his assistant Betty was a complete pleasure. I would recommend the Ed Golddarb Team to anyone selling or buying a house.

5 joe3540

Ed helped us purchase our house back in 2014. We almost lost the house due to a short sale but Ed helped us fight for 14 months. Needless to say thanks to Ed we were finally able to go to closing. Thanks Ed!!

5 morgan326

Ed Goldfarb went above and beyond in helping us sell our house in Hawks Landing. Everything from listing, showings, negotiations and closing was seemless. He left no stone untouched. He also sold my fathers house in Hawks Landing as well and he had the same experience dealing with Ed and his team. We would highly recommend him for your real estate needs. He gets the job done quickly and done RIGHT. That is hard to come by in Florida! You won’t go wrong.

5 coriweiss

Ed Goldfarb is a very hard working, knowledgable, experienced realtor. One you can totally trust and have confidence when it comes to selling/buying your home. Ed was with me every step of the way with both selling and buying my new home. It was important to him that all my needs were met and also insured that I received the best opportunity out of the housing market. Betty, his assistant, was also extremely attentive, always available and kept me well informed on everything. Overall, it was such a pleasurable experience working with Ed and Betty! Without hesitation!…I highly recommend and refer Ed and the Goldfarb Team to all those who are looking for an excellent realty company. Wishing him Happy Silver Anniversary- 25+ years of selling homes

5 user532664

ED is one of the most dedicated professional i have ever worked with. He made himself available ,at all times day or nigh,t to me and my family during a very stressful simultaneous sale of our home and purchase of another home..would highly recommend Ed,his knowledge and experience are second to none.Thank you Ed for all your hard work..

5 AlBarbosa2012

Ed is knowledgeable and extremely responsive. He is a total asset and advocate for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in South Florida. Ed’s years of experience are evident when speaking to him vs other realtors.

5 ivetteg479

The Goldfarb-Fernandez team have surpassed my expectations when selling my condo. I had a very difficult short sale process and at many times I felt was not going to happen. The Goldfarb-Fernandez team were relentless and stopped at nothing to make sure everything went smoothly. They are professional, well knowledgeable and were very compassionate towards my situation and hardships. They are truly here for the client. I recommend the Goldfarb-Fernandez team if you are looking to sell, buy or rent your next home. I know I will be working with them again to purchase my “Forever Home” in the near future! Thanks Goldfarb-Fernandez!!

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